History and Mission

Underground DanceWorks (UDW) is an EclectiFunk based dance company founded in 1999 in Philadelphia, PA. The company, led by artistic director/choreographer Charles Tyson, Jr. and made up of several artistically diverse and savvy performers have been gracing stages all over Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

In 2006, UDW became a core member of Indigenous Pitch Dance Collective (IPDC) under director Lisa Welsh.

UDW was established to bridge the social, cultural, racial, sexual and gender gaps of our American society.

Artistic Director Charles Tyson, being such a bridge himself, believes, “In order to truly move forward as one people we must learn to acknowledge, respect and embrace all of the differences that make our society such a unique one. Make intelligent commentary without claiming to know the answer. Being quiet doesn’t get the point home. Just because the truth isn’t pretty doesn’t make it any less the truth.”

UDW also exists to discover, nurture and present the fresh new talent it discovers. Whether they be performers onstage or technical theater and costume/makeup artists, UDW wishes to give them a chance to use their skills in a highly creative, nonjudgmental environment!

Through performances and residencies, UDW brings this message to its new and diverse audiences.


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